Reasons to Quit


You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want this.

You know that you have to stop smoking and stop nicotine, but it’s hard to do it cold turkey.  Smoker’s Nicotine Relief™ is your perfect partner in the journey to a new you.  All natural, it helps manage the cravings and relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, vape pens, nicotine replacement products, etc.

What’s your reason to stop

Stopping isn’t simple – it’s hard.  Your reason to stop will become your passion to succeed.   Decide on your reason and commit to yourself to stop.  Tell friends and family your reason and start the journey to invest in your health and your future.

Why stop?

You’ll feel healthier immediately.

When you stop smoking, your body will start to free itself of Nicotine.  Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette or nicotine product, your heart rate and blood pressure will drop.    If you don’t smoke the next cigarette or use a nicotine product, the healing will continue.

And that’s not all.  Smoking and Nicotine addiction have been linked to heart disease.  Within 1 year of no smoking and no Nicotine, your risk of coronary artery disease (heart disease) is about half of that of a smoker.

And there’s more. Eliminating smoking and Nicotine helps to diminish the likelihood that you’ll have lung malignancy, emphysema and other crippling lung sicknesses.  Research shows that Nicotine dependency also causes breast and pancreatic cancer, hinders bone healing and destroys brain cells.

And then there’s the cough.  Within 1 to 9 months of stopping, coughing and shortness of breath will decrease.

You will save money and invest in your future and your family’s future.

Just think about it.  If you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, you will spend on average $36,500 buying cigarettes over the next 5 years.  If you stop smoking and Nicotine, you can begin saving and in 5 years have $36,500 in the bank.  Enough to buy that car, put a down payment on a home, send a child to college, save for retirement, or take the family on that dream vacation – Disney!

It’s not just about the money.  You’ll no longer have to worry about where and when to have that next hit.  You will be able to keep up with and spend more time with your children.  You will likely live longer to enjoy your life disease free.  You will feel great because you will regain control over your addiction. 

You Don’t Have To Do it Alone

Doing it “cold turkey” is hard.  Smoker’s Nicotine Relief™ has been developed to help you steadily gain control over your smoking and nicotine addiction.  Our smoking cessation specialist are available to help you.  Start an online chat or give us a call at 1-844-NOW-STOP (1-844-669-7867).