Appetite Relief™ Gum & Lozenges

Appetite Relief™ homeopathic gum and lozenges provide temporary relief  from the appetite symptoms of  smoking and Nicotine withdrawal, such as excessive appetite and food cravings.  It also provides support for digestion, metabolism, and liver and lung functions.

Besides its great taste and all natural ingredients, Appetite Relief™ gum and lozenges have a unique, proprietary formula that helps you manage your food cravings as you withdraw from smoking and Nicotine. Appetite Relief™ is safe and gentle to use, with no known side effects or interactions with other medications. Use Appetite Relief™ as directed for best results. You may also use Appetite Relief™ with other smoking cessation products such as Nicotine gum, lozenges or patches to help you with your smoking cessation-related food cravings.  Smoker’s Appetite Relief™ sugarfree gum and lozenges are sweetened with Xylitol, and are diabetic friendly and gluten free. They naturally freshen breath, reduce cavities and dental plaque formation! Appetite Relief™ gum and lozenges also provide support for your liver and lungs – two areas affected by long-term smoking.

xylitol_imageXylitol Benefits

Appetite Relief™ gum and lozenges are naturally sweetened with Xylitol. Xylitol is an all natural sweetener widely used as a sugar substitute. Xylitol whitens teeth, freshens breath, and reduces cavity formation and periodontal disease. Please see this web address for more information:

Appetite Relief™, can help…

Smoker’s Appetite Relief™ is a sugar-free and gluten free product that can help you to stop smoking. Smoker’s Appetite Relief™ is formulated to boost your resistance to overeating, as well as assist with the nicotine cleansing process. Our unique homeopathic formula addresses food cravings associated with smoking withdrawal. These are no easy tasks and we do not take them lightly. These formulas have been painstakingly created to maximize the power of natural medicine to help you become Smoke Free, Naturally, while managing your food cravings.

Ending Smoking and Nicotine addition is hard, controlling your appetite is really hard.
Appetite Relief™ is easy…

Kicking the habit is one of the toughest things to do in life, and there are some really difficult side effects associated with smoking and Nicotine withdrawal. One of the most common side effects associated with kicking the habbit is weight gain. According to the American Cancer Society, weight gain varies, but is usually less than 10 pounds. For best results: Use Smoker’s Appetite Relief™ according to the chart below. Take 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after eating or drinking.

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1 Week Prior to Quitting: Use 6 pieces of gum or lozenges per day.
Weeks 1 through 6 After Quitting: Use 9 pieces of gum or lozenges per day (or as needed)
Weeks 7 through 12 After Quitting: Use 6 pieces of gum or lozenges per day (or as needed)
12 Weeks After Quitting: Use gum or lozenges as needed. You may chew or take up to 20 pieces of Smoker’s Nicotine Relief™ per day. If using Smoker’s Appetite Relief™ with Smoker’s Nicotine Relief™, it’s best to alternate the use of the two products.

WW_iconWhat is WORKS WITH®

Appetite Relief™ gum and lozenges are unique in that they also work with® our other products like Smoker‘s Nicotine Relief™ gum and lozenges, Asthma Therapy™, Bronchial Cough Therapy™, Migraine Headache Therapy™ and Heartburn Relief™ Fast Dissolving Tablets™.